Belogradchik is a small town in the northwestern part of Bulgaria close to the Romanian and Serbian borders. The town has a great historical, archeological and geographical significance. It is famous with the beautiful rock formations, dating 200 million years ago and included in UNESCO's world heritage programm.The nature has formed different shapes of the rocks some of which reminding of different people, animals or mystic creatures. Different legends explain the mystic shapes of the rocks. Millions of years ago the territory of the town was the bottom of today’s Mediterranean Sea. The sea left behind lots of sea shells which can now be seen in the structure of the rock formations. Another interesting sightseeing is Kaleto fortress, a fortress originally dating from I-III century and renewed in the middle century. The fortress is built by the Romans and is strategically positioned between the rock formations.Different objects found during archeological excavations in the fortress reveal the rich history of the town and the region. Some of these objects are the oldest historical objects found in whole Europe. Nowadays the fortress is announced as a national
museum and is included in the national list of the 100 must see
tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Belogradchik has a territory of 411 sq. km and a population of around 8000 people. The beautiful flora and fauna, the rich history, and the amazing
sightseeing make the town an attractive tourist

destination and quarantees an unforgetable vacation.

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